European Lift SME Congress
18-19th November 2020

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European Lift Sme Congress
18th – 19th, November 2020

Join this unique event where, for the first time in Europe, SMEs from multiple countries meet online without language barriers.





What for?

  1. Claming the work of lift SMEs, which natural growth is due to the attention to the detail, service quality and customer service.
  1. Benefiting SME, on the one hand, from the international dimension to grow stronger and, on the other hand, the European space, which provides adequate conditions, is still underused.
  1. Leveraging today’s technology, that allows SMEs from different countries to collaborate with each other.
  1. Creating synergies. Because Europe has shown that when people from different countries but similar interests talk, they come up with initiatives that make them better.

To register please clic here.

*The registration fee enables the access up to 5 participants of the same company:

  • 30€ SME members of EFESME national associations
  • 100€ SMES non-members
  • 200€ All the rest


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